Ways To Clean Your Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink


Stainless steel does not rust - just like our knives , forks and spoons ! When spots of rust are found on the Sink’s surface , this is the result of foreign iron particles (from renovation works -Example : drill dust) rusting on it. A classic example is the rusty paper clip mark at the top left corner of our insurance documents (kept in the cupboard for sometimes). We won’t say that the paper is rusting as it would sound silly, right ? These rusty marks come for the iron paper clip rusting due to moisture in the air.


1st step - Wet the Sink.

2nd step - apply CIF cream detergent and polish the rusty spots away using a soft cloth (preferably orange colour type for car wash)

Remember to wet the sink thoroughly as water acts as a lubricant for the powdery CIF detergent. Do not use casual cloth as its rough texture will scratch the sink’s surface. It is not effective to use a sponge as it is too soft.

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