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Water Heater Champ Trimark

Water Heater Champ Trimark

  • SGD$105.00

Model : Water Heater Champ Trimark

Overheat Indicator
Lights up in the event the water temperature reaches a scalding level.


Power Rating 3.3kW, 230V a.c. 50Hz
Inlet & Outlet Water Connection ø15mm(1/2" BSP)
Minimum Water Flow Rate 3 ℓ/min
Recommended Water Flow Rate 4-6 ℓ/min
Permissible Inlet Water Pressure 0.1MPa - 0.3MPa
Recommended Inlet Water Pressure 0.1MPa
Dimensions (L x H x W) 194 x 298 x 81mm
Weight 900g

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